Precision Optics for High-Power Lasers

[image] High Power Fiber Collimating Lenses

High power-handling capability, absence of retro-reflections and aberration correction for large core fibers truly differentiate these lenses from other fiber collimators.

The Model 02-M010 is a three-element, air-spaced anastigmat designed specifically for collimating the output of large diameter silica fibers used in high power medical and industrial applications. It is equally suitable for collimating the output of Large Mode Area (LMA) or Photonic Crystal (PC) fibers with smaller numerical apertures. The mechanical assembly allows a precise translation of the lens (without rotation) relative to the fiber face.

The unique design of the Model 02-M010 prevents retroflections near the fiber face or within the core material. All elements are fused silica (the exception being the 1800–2000 nm collimator optics that are Infrasil) with either V-type or broadband coatings, depending on the operating wavelength range. When used for imaging purposes, the three-element design ensures the output mode from the fiber is preserved, without distortion, even at high throughput powers.


  • Unique design prevents retroreflections near the fiber face or within the core material
  • Handles power in excess of 1 kilowatt
  • Astigmatic correction over a 4 degree field (fiber core sizes up to 1.2 mm)
  • 12.7 nm diameter output from 0.2 NA fibers
  • Focusable mount with various connector options
  • Typical transmittance (for 1064 nm unit) > 98%

Fiber Connection Receptacles

    The Model 02-M010 comes standard with SMA, or LD-80 (Richard Losch, Inc.)/D-80 (Mitsubishi) connector receptacles. Modifications to accept other types of fiber connectors can be made upon request.

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Model No.Wavelength RangeCoating TypeInput Connector TypeMax. Numerical ApertureEffective Focal Length (mm)Max. Output Aperture (mm)
02-M010-1-800/1000800-1000 nmBroadbandSMA0.2529.8 at 800nm
29.96 at 1000 nm
02-M010-2-800/1000800-1000 nmBroadbandLD-80/D-800.2529.8 at 800nm
29.96 at 1000 nm
02-M010-1-10641050-1070 nmV-TypeSMA0.2530.015
02-M010-2-10641050-1070 nmV-TypeLD-80/D-800.2530.015
02-M010-1-1064/15501030-1100 and 1550-1570 nmDual-minimumSMA0.2529.98 at 1030nm
30.0 at 1100nm
30.3 @ 1560 nm
02-M010-2-1064/15501030-1100 and 1550-1570 nmDual-minimumLD-80/D-800.2529.98 at 1030nm
30.0 at 1100nm
30.3 @ 1560 nm
02-M010-1-20001800-2200 nmBroadbandSMA0.2546.023
02-M010-2-20001800-2200 nmBroadbandLD-80/D-800.2546.023
02-M010-1-532532 nmV-TypeSMA0.2529.415
02-M010-2-532532 nmV-TypeLD-80/D-800.2529.415