Precision Optics for High-Power Lasers

[image] Fiber Focusing Lenses

The Model 02-014-1 is an air spaced, computer designed multi-element lens that is diffaction-limited when used with fibers having core diameters as large as 1200 microns. Operational wavelength is 1064nm. The 02-014 reimages the emitting surface of the fiber with a 0.67X demagnification. Focused spot sizes are significantly smaller than those achievable with single-element lenses used in a similar collimating/focusing configuration. All optical elements are fabricated from high laser-damage resistant glasses and are anti-reflection coated to reduce reflectance per surface to 0.13%. The working distance between the lens and the target is sufficiently large to allow use of a gas nozzle to enhance the cutting or welding process and to prevent debris from depositing on the lens surface.

Other wavelengths are available upon request.


  • Maximum lateral aberrations of less than 20 microns
  • Larger working distance enables use with taller target surfaces and reduces gas/particle contamination
  • Low absorption, high index glass for mimimum lens heating
  • Capable of handling in excess of 1kW


  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Materials Processing


  • Available accessories include outer housing with fiber receptacle, fine focus adjustment and gas nozzle. Please inquire.

Wavelength1000-1100 nm
Effective Numerical Aperture0.36
Max. Loss (Absorption)0.5%
Max. Loss (Total)1.3%
Effective Focal Length40.6 mm
Back Focal Length65 mm