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Alignment Gimbal MG001

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The Photonic Devices Model 11-MG001 was specifically designed for the precise alignment of laser beam expanders and focusing optics. Since most laser beams do not propagate along the mechanical axis of a laser rail, four (4) degrees of motion are required to optimize the performance of the mounted optical component. The 11-MG001 combines the features of a gimbal with an X-Y translator, thereby providing the adjustability necessitated by the alignment tolerances of most diffraction-limited optics. This gimbal can be mounted to either a Laser Carriage or Optical Rail slide mount via three #8/32 x 3/8" threaded holes. Standard bore diameters include 1.25", 1.48", and 1.50".

Pitch Yaw X
Adjustment Range (+/-) 4° (+/-) 3° (+/-) 0.12" (+/-) 0.15"
Resolution 7 sec 5 sec 1 micron 1 micron
[photo] [photo]
  16-GBE36-3x-1064 Beam Expander Mounted within 11-MG001 Alignment Gimbal