Polarization Insensitive Fiber-Based Components

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DPM Photonics has a large product offering of Polarization Insensitive (PI) fiber products from Optizone. These products are fully Telcordia qualified except where noted. These devices can handle high powers (up to 20W, standard).

Please click here to view some Telcordia qualification data (PDF download) collected on a 20W Polarization Maintaining fiber to fiber isolator operating at 1064 nm. All products are fabricated using ISO-certified quality processes and fully characterized prior to leaving the factory.

If you do not see a standard component that meets your needs, please let us know; custom requests are readily welcomed and reviewed promptly. Center wavelength variations, custom fiber pigtails, power handling, special coatings or other request can be taken into consideration.

Optizone PI fiber components provided by Optizone.