Simulation Software from RP Photonics

Powerful, Flexible Modeling Packages with Lifetime License

DPM Photonics is proud to partner with Germany-based RP Photonics Consulting GmbH, known worldwide for their online ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LASER PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY, to offer several packages of powerful simulation software. Many of these packages are excellent tools for all stages of fiber/laser/resonator development, and an advanced optical coating simulation package is now offered. All software provide extreme flexibility through the built-in script language. Most importantly, any software purchase provides a LIFETIME LICENSE of use—there are no costly, yearly license renewal fees.

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Here are the software packages offered. Click on a package name to go learn more about the software.

RP Fiber Power can calculate various properties of fiber modes, simulate the evolution of optical powers for fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers and ASE sources and perform numerical beam propagation calculations.
RP Resonator is an advanced resonator design tool, which is particularly suitable for designing laser resonators.
RP ProPulse can simulate the propagation of ultrashort pulses in mode-locked lasers, optical parametric oscillators and fiber devices.
RP Coating is advanced software for designing optical multilayer structures, essential for developing laser mirrors, dispersive mirrors, filters and polarizers.

Common features for all software packages

  • Powerful script language. Each package provides enormous flexibility. For example, results can be displayed graphically in many different ways, not only those anticipated by the software developer, and written to text files with different formats. Also, input data can be read from user-supplied text files and mathematically processed. Similarly, calculated results can be mathematically processed, displayed in nicely formatted form, written into graphics, or exported to text files.
  • Interactive forms. Each software has interactive forms that strongly support the user. RP Fiber Power has a large set of forms, and complete scripts can be generated directly from the form inputs. RP Resonator has forms for generating the code for various resonator types. RP ProPulse has an interactive pulse display, showing pulse properties in time and frequency domain at selected locations and after a variable number of round trips.
  • Technical documentation. Each software package comes with a PDF manual explaining, in detail, not only the usage/handling of the software and script language, but also the physical models used and underlying assumptions regarding those physical models. In addition, RP Fiber Power and RP Resonator have a comprehensive context-sensitive online help system.
  • Technical support from the program developer. All software has been developed by Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, the founder of RP Photonics (and author of the world renowned Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology), who also personally provides the technical support for these products. Being a distinguished expert, he guarantees for the appropriateness of the used physical models, the overall quality of the software, and the quality of the support.
  • Technical support time for each purchase. When you purchase a software package, the license fee contains some number of support hours. Support hours can be used by the purchaser in a number of ways, including obtaining a more detailed overview of specific software functions or for general technical consultancy in the corresponding technical area(s) of customer interest far beyond purely software related questions.