About DPM Photonics


The mission of DPM Photonics is to provide customers with a diversified range of products and services, supporting passive and active photonic-based devices and systems.


DPM Photonics was founded in 2009 and services customers in the areas of free-space precision optics, fiber optics, fiber-based components, fiber lasers/amplifiers, fiber preparation/splicing/processing and optical modeling software.

Recognizing that users in these areas have a variety of needs, often requiring custom/specialty variations, DPM Photonics offers both standard and custom-designed photonic-based products.  Our team includes corporate partners having decades of experience with custom-product engineering, design and manufacturing. Utilizing a customer-oriented approach and  the expertise of our team, DPM Photonics is a unique vendor that can discuss and address customer needs on a technical level.

Why Buy From DPM Photonics?

  • Expertise with the products represented—can talk technical.
  • Custom products are of high quality, having reasonable turn-around times and prices.
  • Wide range of product offerings means ordering of from several product areas can be done through one vendor.
  • DPM Photonics is a non-competing entity that can provide dedicated consulting services or product development discussions.
  • DPM Photonics and its partners are fully committed to customer satisfaction.


The company founder and President, Dr. David Machewirth, has over 20 years of technical experience in the area of fiber optics and active materials/devices, with a track record of supporting products for growing markets. He received his doctorate from Rutgers University (Piscataway, NJ) in 1996, under the supervision of Dr. Elias Snitzer, for his work in characterization of novel glass materials for use as optical amplifiers. As a Senior Development Scientist at Corning, Inc., Dr. Machewirth worked to develop and characterize world class erbium doped fiber to support production volumes for the world's largest optical amplifier manufacturer. As the Director of Laser Engineering at Nufern, he worked to develop a custom fiber laser/amplifier effort from the ground level into a multi-million dollar business servicing industrial, military/aerospace and academic sectors.

Dr. Machewirth can be reached via email at david.machewirth@dpmphotonics.com.