Our Corporate Partners

3SAE Technologies, Inc.

3SAE Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, is a company with focus and expertise in developing new fiber optic tools and technologies for optical fiber fusion splicing and related applications. 3SAE holds multiple patents and awards related to optical fiber preparation and fiber optic stripping. Their products are used at many of the world's leading photonics, aerospace, military research facilities, universities, municipalities and large fiber optic network providers, and include custom built high-reliability fiber optic cable assemblies.

Since its inception, the company has provided advanced fiber optic fusion splicing & fiber preparation solutions and introduced product innovations that enabled new capabilities in the production of optical components, Bragg gratings, double clad fibers, high-powered fiber lasers and other optical systems. The Wide Area Plasma Technology, better known as the Ring of Fire®, has vastly improved optical fiber R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Specific advancements made in the large diameter splicing arena including adiabatic tapering, MFA fabrication, Bundling/Pump combining, Photonic Crystal Fiber splicing, fiber stripping, cleaving and plasma cleaning.

Interaction between DPM Photonics and 3SAE Technologies personnel dates back to 2003, during the advent of large mode area fiber fusion splicing and cleaving. The partnership between the two companies is truly synergistic, combining years of optical component and fiber-based device experience with a strong engineering background in fusion splicing and fiber preparation techniques for their assembly and manufacture. This combination makes DPM Photonics a vendor of choice when discussing splicing and fiber preparation needs.

Photonic Devices, Inc.

Photonic Devices, Inc. enters its third decade as a global supplier of precision optical and opto-mechanical products to the O.E.M industrial laser market.  Excellent product-quality, dedicated customer service and a longstanding customer loyalty base have distinguished Photonic Devices during its 20+ years in business.  A growing list of laser engineers and scientists consider Photonic Devices as their primary source for:

  • Laser Beam Expanders
  • High Power Fiber Collimating Lenses
  • Air–spaced  Focusing Aplanat Lenses
  • F-Theta Lenses for CO2 Lasers
  • High Power Fiber Optic Focusing Lenses and Delivery Systems

Photonic Devices is an equally capable provider of custom precision optics for a wide range of user applications.  More than half their business consists of products designed and made exclusively for specific customer needs.  Non-recurring charges are very competitive and design turn-around times are short in duration. DPM Photonics is proud to partner with Photonic Devices in the areas of consulting services, product development and product representation.  If you have any questions concerning any products or services Photonic Devices provides (or can provide) please contact us at info@dpmphotonics.com.


Optizone is a manufacturer and global supplier of passive optical components. Founded in 2007, Optizone has developed an extensive list of standard products, including polarization maintaining, polarization insensitive, and high-power handling fiber-coupled devices.

The primary operations site for Optizone, located in Baoan, Shenzhen, China, is a state-of-the-art 43,000 square foot facility that includes a dedicated 21,500 square foot production floor. The facility houses several clean-room production areas, as well as measurement capabilities providing full characterization for all products manufactured within the facility. Testing for Telcordia reliability and specification compliance are performed on-site for every product type. Through these efforts, along with its ISO 9001 certification (May, 2008) and a rigorous quality-control system, Optizone is dedicated to product quality and a fully capable contract manufacturer.

Development and manufacture of custom passive optical components benefit from the same engineering know-how and quality control as standard devices. Be the requirement higher optical power, usage of specialty fiber, a different operating wavelength or the need for a device of more complexity, custom product specifications are evaluated and responded to in a timely manner. Most notably, charges for custom devices are as price-competitive as those of the standard products, with delivery times near that of standards.

Optizone has rapidly become a preferred passive component supplier for companies large and small. The capabilities of Optizone make DPM Photonics a complementary partner, given the history of DPM Photonics in specifying and working with optical components for specialty and high power applications. Together, DPM Photonics and Optizone can help customers determine those components to best suit their needs in the most cost effective manner.

If you have any questions about product specifications, product quality & testing, or custom component capabilities, please contact us at info@dpmphotonics.com.

RP Photonics Consulting GmbH in Bad Dürrheim, Germany, provides a range of technical consulting services in photonics, in particular in laser technology, optical fiber technology, and on nonlinear frequency conversion. The founder and executive, Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, has both a deep scientific expertise and comprehensive experience with industrial projects. RP Photonics is also offering user licenses for advanced simulation software that it has developed itself. In particular, there are products for simulating and designing fiber amplifiers and lasers, laser resonators and other optical resonators, and mode-locked lasers and supercontinuum sources.

An essential aspect is the competent technical support, given by the developer himself, Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta. Every user license comes with some number of technical support hours, which can be used not only for software-specific questions, but also for technical consultancy in the corresponding technical area.

In 2011, DPM Photonics has established a partnership with RP Photonics, allowing software user licenses to be sold via DPM Photonics. These powerful but flexible software lines suitably compliment the large variety of products offered by DPM Photonics and can address applications for users of all other product lines.