Fiber Preparation, Splicing and Bundling

The increasing number of applications utilizing optical fiber has often required more complicated fiber designs than the conventional 125 micron single-mode variety. Complex fibers with larger diameters, shaped claddings, multiple or low numerical aperture cores and/or Photonic Crystal-based designs have been fabricated to meet these demanding requirements. The evolvement of fiber splicing and fiber preparation techniques needed to keep pace with such fiber development occurred at a much slower rate; in some cases, conventional technologies in these areas could not be used for fabricating more demanding products or processes.

The products offered by DPM Photonics through 3SAE Technologies were specifically designed to address the shortfalls of current splicing and fiber preparation methods. Combining revolutionary technologies with solid engineering, these products also offer user friendliness. The Wide Plasma Area technology, also known as the Ring of Fire®, allows unprecedented temperature control, stability and repeatability during splicing and can be used for a myriad of other applications including the manufacturing of fiber combiners. The isotropic clamping force utilized by the Liquid Clamp Cleaver (LCC) provides industry leading cleavability of larger fibers. Such product advancements will open new doors for both product development and manufacturing.

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