Precision Optics for High-Power Lasers

[image] Focusing Objective Lenses

DPM Photonics offers a variety of positive and negative air-spaced, fused silica, aplanatic lenses. These two- and three-element lenses are corrected for spherical aberration and coma to produce a diffraction-limited focus, at a specific laser line, with minimum wavefront distortion. Standard products include objectives for 266 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm (other wavelengths are available by request). We welcome the opportunity to discuss or quote custom aplanat lenses.


  • High Power Handling (> 1 kW)
  • Fused Silica Lens Elements
  • Computer designed for best possible wavefront
  • V-type coatings at 266 nm, 355 nm and 1064 nm
  • Dual minimum coatings at 532 nm/1064 nm
  • Positive lens elemens can be assembled in reverse order so focus is opposite threaded end (upon request)


  • Focusing of industrial lasers (solid state, fiber-based, etc.)
  • Collimation of divergent fiber laser output beams
  • Materials Processing

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Model No.WavelengthEffective Focal LengthF/NumberBack Focal LengthApertureThickness
02- 021-10641064 nm25 mm1.6723.3 mm15 mm14 mm
02-021-532532 nm24.43 mm1.6322.7 mm15 mm14 mm
02-011-10641064 nm37.5 mm2.530.7 mm15 mm13.2 mm
02-011-532532 nm36.56 mm2.4429.8 mm15 mm13.2 mm
02-011-355355 nm35.34 mm2.3728.7 mm15 mm13.2 mm
02-020-10641064 nm45.17 mm2.5135.2 mm18 mm14 mm
02-020-532532 nm44.04 mm2.4534.2 mm18 mm14 mm
02-006-10641064 nm60.07 mm4.0454.6 mm15 mm12.2 mm
02-006-532532 nm58.64 mm3.9153.2 mm15 mm12.2 mm
02-006-355355 nm56.77 mm3.7851.4 mm15 mm12.2 mm
02-007-10641064 nm90.76 mm4.1282.8 mm22 mm16.4 mm
02-007-532532 nm88.59 mm4.0380.7 mm22 mm16.4 mm
02-N09-10641064 nm-8.96 mm-2.9814.4 mm3 mm22.9 mm
02-N09-532532 nm-8.74 mm-2.9114.2 mm3 mm22.9 mm
02-N12-10641064 nm-12.25 mm-4.0814.4 mm3 mm20.1 mm
02-N12-532532 nm-11.95 mm-3.9814.1 mm3 mm20.9 mm
02-024-20001800-2200 nm25.5 mm1.6624.4 mm15 mm14.2 mm
02-025-20001800-2200 nm46 mm2.022.4 mm23 mm24.1 mm


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