Precision Optics for High-Power Lasers

[image] CO2 F-Theta Scanning Lenses

The 03 Series of F-theta scanning lenses is designed to provide diffraction-limited optical performance over relatively large fields. Their multiple-lens-element design provides smaller focus spot sizes with virtually no deviation over the entire field and are, therefore, superior to single-element scan lenses. Air-spacing and anti-reflection coatings allow for optical power handling capability in excess of several hundred watts.


  • Computer designed for minimal wavefront distortion and best focus
  • True F-theta performance
  • Scan field widths from 36 mm to 140 mm


  • Laser marking and engraving
  • Materials Processing

03-36FT-52-10.6 03-54FT-77-10.6 03-108FT-126-10.6 03-140FT-157-10.6
Lens MaterialZnSe & GeZnSeZnSeZnSe
Maximum Scan Angle, Circle/Square40/28°40/28°50/36.2°52/36.6°
Effective Focal Length51.9 mm77.6 mm126 mm157 mm
Back Working Distance48.5 mm84.4 mm136 mm174.6 mm
Entrance Pupil Diameter15 mm17 mm17 mm17 mm
Input Beam Diameter, Max.10 mm10 mm14 mm14 mm
Focus Size, Field Center/Edge86/90 mm72/80 mm180/196 mm220/240 mm
Pupil Distance27.8 mm16 mm30.1 mm29.5 mm
X-Mirror Distance (M1+M2)37 mm26 mm35 mm35.5 mm
Recommended Mirror Separation M120.3 mm14 mm16 mm16 mm
Mounting Dimension50.75, Diameter mmM85x1 mmM85x1 mmM85x1 mm
Overall Housing Length11.4 mm33.4 mm37.1 mm39.1 mm
Max. Deviation from Telecentricity7.5°11°12.5°


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