DPM Photonics partners with 3SAE Technologies, Inc.

January 22, 2010

Franklin, TN — 3SAE Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a consulting and distribution agreement with DPM Photonics, Vernon, CT, to make its new large diameter fiber fusion splicing and preparation technologies available to High Power Fiber Laser manufacturers, Military, Aerospace and Industrial Medical markets, throughout the United States.

The association between DPM Photonics and 3SAE Technologies personnel dates back to 2003, during the advent of large mode area fiber fusion splicing and cleaving. The partnership between the two companies is truly synergistic, combining years of optical component and fiber-based device experience with a strong engineering background in fusion splicing and fiber preparation techniques for their assembly and manufacture.

“DPM Photonics is major addition to our nationwide distribution channel”, says Don Grasso, CEO 3SAE Technologies, Inc., “the synergy between our products and their services make DPM Photonics a unique partner that can discuss detailed customer applications on a technical level as well as support custom product development.”

DPM Photonics was founded in 2009, offering consulting services in the areas of fiber optics, fiber-based components, fiber lasers/amplifiers, precision optics and optical design. Its clients include start-up ventures, major corporations and Government agencies.

3SAE Technologies Inc., headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, provides advanced fiber optic fusion splicing solutions to companies around the world. The company develops and markets new fiber optic tools and technologies for optical fiber applications. Its patented Wide Area Plasma Technology, better known as the "Ring of Fire," has vastly improved optical fiber R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Specific advancements have been made in the large diameter splicing arena including adiabatic fiber tapering, MFA fabrication, Bundling/Pump combining, Photonic Crystal Fiber splicing, fiber stripping, cleaving and ionic plasma cleaning.


Cyndi Grasso, 3SAE Technologies Inc., 615-778-8812, cgrasso@3sae.com or

David Machewirth, DPM Photonics, Inc., 860-872-6573, info@dpmphotonics.com

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