Precision Optics Surplus List Now Available

April 13, 2014

DPM Photonics is offering surplus high-power precision optics, from Photonic Devices, Incorporated, at substantially discounted prices.

These optics include Laser Beam Expanders (including Electro Scientific Industries OEM models for Nd:YAG Laser Trimmers), Single Element ZnSe Scanning Lenses, Cylinder Lenses, Spherical Laser Lenses, Low Order and Multiple Order Quartz Retardation Plates, Galvo-mirrors, Dichroic Mirrors and Beam Splitters and OEM Nd:YAG Output Couplers.

All products are made in the USA to stringent fabrication tolerances and Photonic Devices’ strict quality standards. These optics are ideal for laboratory usage and applications where precision optics are required.

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