3SAE Technologies Introduces the Taper Manufacturing Station (TMS) and Lens Forming Station (LFS): Manufacturing-oriented Systems Providing Unprecedented Accuracy and Process Control

February 2, 2014

The TMS and LFS are two production-ready fiber processing stations recently introduced by 3SAE Technologies.

The TMS is specifically designed for manufacturing optical fiber tapers, bundles and couplers using 3SAE's patent pending Thermally Stabilized Plasma™ technology. This technology provides industry leading performance and virtualy debris-free tapers due to the partial vacuum operating condition employed.

The LFS uses 3SAE's patented Ring of Fire® technology to process a fiber end into a ball term or lens of a user-specified diameter. The use of real-time image processing/measurements and programmable pass/fail criteria allow customers to reproducibly make ball terms within a few microns of the desired target.

For more information about the Taper Manufacturing Station (TMS), please click here.

For more information about the Lens Forming Station (LFS), please click here.

For specific questions, please contact DPM Photonics directly.

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